Thursday, February 2, 2012

Usage of choir in the dance jathi mode – White and Orange tulips

This technique involves use of the chorus singers singing the dance jathis and not the usual ‘thana thana’ or ‘aaaa’ as it is in pure carnatic based chorus work.

Raja has selectively used this technique in his compositions over the years. While it’s easy to identify several tracks that have jathis, it’s hard to find ones that have the chorus singing jathis.
I am sure, readers should be able to uncover a few more where the chorus sing dance jathis.

Shivagaruda from Kochu Kochu Sandhoshangal (Malayalam 2001). This song set to the situation of two dancers dancing on stage. In both the charanams, the female chorus backing chitra sing jathis in the background for some parts. In the beginning of the second interlude, the chorus sing jathis again.

Let's hear the chorus parts of Shivagaruda where jathis are employed...

Isaiyil thodanguthamma from Hey Ram (Tamil 2000). The prelude and the pallavi of this track has some parts sang by the male chorus in jathi mode. The first interlude begins with the male chorus singing jathis.

Nadavinodhangal from Salangai Oli (Tamil 1984). Again, based on a dance centric film, there are ample opportunities in this film for Raja. In this track, he uses female chorus to sing jathis for a few seconds.

Let's hear Nadavinodhangal...

Kavidhai Kelungal from Punnagai Mannan (Tamil 1986). The second interlude of this song starts off with a male voice (Jayachandran?) singing jathis to begin, followed by the male/female chorus singing jathis along with the synthesizer and drums.

Let's hear the Kavidhai Kelungal part where the chorus sing jathis...

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