Friday, March 2, 2018

Voices based PolyCaRe arrangements in 198x – interludes

We will continue the journey on PolyCaRe arrangements of Raja, with his compositions based on voices as the background melody instrument. In this post, we will particularly focus on his interlude compositions in the 198x. As we made it very clear in the definition, the PolyCaRe arrangement not only requires a background voice melody, it also requires two call and response melodies in the foreground played according to our rules of CaRe arrangements.

Let’s analyze the interlude of the famous 1980s song, Oh Priya Priya from Idhayathai Thirudhathe (Tamil 1989) or Geethanjali (Telugu 1989).  This segment, which is part of the second interlude  of the song which uses voices as its background instrument. Here is how the segment is structured:

Background instrument
CaRe - Instrument1
CaRe - Instrument2
Oh priya priya

  1. The first 2 seconds of the clip has the violins and the synthesizers in CaRe mode and the voices join in the background from 3 seconds onwards
  2. Between 3 and 23 seconds, with the voices going on in the background, the foreground CaRe arrangement between the violins and synthesizer is repeated 7 times
In other words, 14 foreground melodies are riding on the background voice based melody, which also have variations in their phrases

A unique PolyCaRe experiment by Raja.

Let’s hear the unique PolyCaRe arrangement of Oh Priya Priya…