Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Nearest Neighbor – Sax and Trumpet

Both the sax and the trumpet are western instruments and in most Indian film song setting only one of them have a place in the song. Almost placing them next to each other is unheard of. 

The clip below (first 14 seconds) begins with the interlude of the song, ‘Sangeetha Megam’ from ‘Udhaya Geetham’ (Tamil 1985). The long call is made by the trumpet and the short response is from the sax. Very clever arrangement that avoids any confusion between the like sounding instruments. 

From 16 seconds, the clip has the interlude from the song ‘Sorgam Madhuvile’ from the film, ‘Sattam En Kaiyil’ (Tamil 1978). Here again the arrangement is a clever one with the long calls by the trumpet and the short responses from the sax. Both the songs features in this clip have completely different melodies.

 Let’s hear these Nearest Neighbors – Sax and Trumpet …