Saturday, April 16, 2022

Nearest Neighbor – conclusion

 In this analysis journey of nearest neighbors, we explored several instrument pairs and how Raja has been quite path breaking and innovative with instrumentation in his orchestration work. Several instrument pairs were not even thinkable to most composers till Raja showed them the possibility. Even with synthesizer dominated tones, very few composers are experimenting the same way today. Part of the reason for Raja’s music’s longevity is this exploratory instrumentation and wonderful melodic structures behind each such instrumentation that has been carefully chosen by the master of orchestration. 

I am sure there are other examples that I may have missed. Feel free to add them as your comments to the posts.

Nearest Neighbor - Trumpet and electric guitar

 Placing an electric guitar next to a trumpet is rare, though these two instruments have been used independent of each other in several music phrases by composers prior to Raja.  It never occurred to composers that these two instrument parts next to each other can be very captivating. This is the last of the Nearest neighbor parts post and we will explore several Raja examples in this category as he has used this combination a lot.

The clip below has four tracks. The first track (29 secs)  is from the interlude of the song, ‘Ennodu Paatu Padungal’ from ‘Udhaya Geetham’ (Tamil 1985). This is a nice call and response arrangement between the trumpet and the electric guitar  The second track (31 to 47 secs) is from the interlude of the song, ‘Sorgam Madhuvile’ from the film, ‘Sattam En Kailyil’ (Tamil 1979). This is a very early on experiment with these two instruments, when Raja was a young composer. The third track (49 to 1:09 secs) is the interlude of the song, ‘Vaanam Keezhe Ponalenna’ from’ Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe’ (Tamil 1983). This is part of the magnum opus in orchestration by Raja and he places both these instruments in counter to each other, with the violins playing the harmonic parts. There is a lot going on in these 20 seconds. The fourth clip (1:11 to 1:34) is from the interlude of the song, ‘Vaazha Vaikum Kadhalukku Jai’ from 'Aboorva Sagodharargal' (Tamil 1989) with a slow paced trumpet and the electric guitar playing its parts in C&R. 

Let’s hear the nearest neighbors – Trumpet and Electric guitar…