Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sax unusual conversations

Raja’s use of sax in his songs has been covered in a number of topics in this blog and C&R arrangements with Sax is not so common within Raja’s work. However, I will cover some top of mind examples of sax use by him in a C&R mode.

Here is a single clip with two segments that cover his sax C&R work:

  1. The first segment is less than 15 seconds and is from the song ‘Ponmeni Uruguthe’ from Moondram Pirai (Tamil 1982). The long calls from the sax are answered in short by the guitar
  2. The second segment is for about 15 seconds and is from the interlude of the song ‘Vaanile Thenila’ from Kaaki Sattai (Tamil 1985). The long call is by the violins and the short response this time is from the sax, the opposite of the previous segment

Let’s hear the sample of Raja’s unusual sax conversations of Raja set to a C&R arrangement ...

The Cheeni Kum background score had some very interesting sax arrangements.  Readers can contribute more to this topic from the long list of Raja compositions...