Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Male choir singing set to Carnatic ragas - Pink tulips

This is very uncommon even with Raja’s work. I am yet to find a film track where he has used this technique. This involves using male voices to sing swarams for chorus parts.

Scanning through Raja’s work of 4 decades with film songs, I could not find a single example that meets this category’s criteria. However, thanks to Kamal, who found the 3-in-1 track that Raja performed during the Andrum Indrum Endrum show of 2005, Raja got male chorus singers to sing carnatic swaras.

Let's hear the 3-in-1 song...


CSR said...

Hello Ravi,

The interlude of song "Enakkoru magan pirappaan" from "Annanukku Jay", contains male chorus singing few swaras in mohanam. Will that qualify for this category?



ravinat said...


Absolutely. Thanks for the find.


Suresh S said...

Hmmm. Never heard songs keeping this in mind till now :) Will check out and let you know if I find any examples of this.