Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Indian film music basics

There is a constant reference to a number of music compositions in this document. It may be worthwhile to document the standard structure of our film music track so that our references are understood by the readers in a standard way

Very rarely, there is a third charanam and a concluding interlude. More than 99% of Indian film songs do not have a concluding interlude (Postlude?). Interludes do not normally involve the main singers with the exception of humming. Mostly, it is instrumental or chorus based. A good example of concluding interlude is Megam Kottatum from Enakkul Oruvan. (More on this when I cover Raja’s percussion) Another example of a third charanam is the song “Siriya Paravai Siragai” from Andha Oru Nimidam or Samakozhi Koovuthamma from Ponnu Oorukku Puthusu (both these songs are musically rich).

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