Thursday, February 2, 2017

Synthesizer based PolyCaRe arrangements in 200x - interludes

We will continue the journey on PolyCaRe arrangements of Raja, with his compositions based on synthesizer  as the background melody instrument. In this post, we will particularly focus on his interlude compositions in the 200x. As we made it very clear in the definition, the PolyCaRe arrangement not only requires a background synthesizer  melody, it also requires two call and response melodies in the foreground played according to our rules of CaRe arrangements.

Let’s begin with the song ‘Thoorigai Indri’  from Ajanthaa  (Tamil 2007). This segment, has synthesizer as its background instrument. Here is how the segment is structured:

Background instrument
CaRe - Instrument1
CaRe - Instrument2
Thoorigai Indri

  1. The first two seconds are filled with the synthesizer melody that is the background melody of this clip
  2. Between 2 and 11 seconds, the call is made by the Flute for which the response is from the violins. While this is going on, observe that the background synthesizer melody keeps playing. The clip has 4 CaRe arrangements 

The foreground melodies can stand on their own feet as simple CaRe arrangement. The background synthesizer melody makes them polyphonic and hence PolyCaRe. There are 8 foreground melodies playing on top of the constant background synthesizer melody in these 11 seconds.

Let’s hear the modern PolyCare arrangement of Thoorigai Indri…

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