Friday, December 2, 2016

Piano based PolyCaRe arrangements in 201x – Background Scores

We will continue the journey on PolyCaRe arrangements of Raja, with his compositions based on piano as the background melody instrument. In this post, we will particularly focus on his background score compositions in the 201x. As we made it very clear in the definition, the PolyCaRe arrangement not only requires a background piano melody, it also requires two call and response melodies in the foreground played according to our rules of CaRe arrangements.

Let’s first start with the background score of Nandalala (Tamil 2010). This segment, which is part of the background score has piano as its background instrument. Here is how the segment is structured:

Background instrument
CaRe - Instrument1
CaRe - Instrument2
Nandalala BGM

  1. The first four seconds has only the background piano melody that forms the background melody for the entire composition
  2. For the next 20 seconds, between 4 and 24 second, there is a very long flute melody that plays with the piano background melody in the background.
  3. There is a short five seconds call by the synthesizer between 24 and 29 seconds as the background melody of the piano continues
  4. Between 30 and 35 seconds, there is a response by the flute to the synthesizer call with the background piano melody
  5. Again, between 36 and 40 seconds, the piano background melody alone plays
  6. Between 40 and 57 seconds, there is this long flute melody (slightly different from #2) that plays with the piano background melody in the background.
  7. Between 58 and 72 seconds, there are two flute calls that are made for which the clip does not have the response

The foreground melodies can stand on their own feet as simple CaRe arrangement. The background guitar melody makes them polyphonic and hence PolyCaRe. There are 5 foreground melodies playing on top of the constant background piano melody in these 72 seconds. It must be stated that technically, it does not fully comply with our rules for a CaRe arrangement as the final two flute calls are not answered by the synthesizer. Given the melodious arrangement, I have included this PolyCaRe arrangement that almost meets our requirement more than 75%

Let’s hear the segment from the background score of Nandalala

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