Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guitar based PolyCaRe arrangements in 201x –interludes

As we begin this journey on PolyCaRe arrangements of Raja, with his compositions based on guitar as the background melody instrument. In this post we will particularly focus on his interlude compositions after 2010. As we made it very clear in the definition, the PolyCaRe arrangement not only requires a background guitar melody, it also requires two call and response melodies in the foreground played according to our rules of CaRe arrangements.

Let’s consider the prelude melody Maatallo Cheppeleni  from Abbayitho Ammayi  (2016 Telugu).  An outstanding arrangement for a film song in 2016, where composers are busy doing electronic shortcuts, the prelude is deeply rooted in beautiful harmonies.

Background instrument
CaRe - Instrument1
CaRe - Instrument2
Maatallo Cheppaleni prelude
Abbayitho Ammayi

  1. The first 2 seconds of the clip is a beautiful counter melody between the Guitar and the piano, not very different from many Raja compositions
  2.  Between 3 secs and 8 secs, the Piano plays a call melody for which at 8 secs there is a short synthesized flute response
  3. Between 8 and 15 secs, the piano repeats the melody on top of the background guitar melody and the synthesized flute continues
  4. Pay attention to the background guitar melody that remains constant throughout these 15 seconds, simply repeating over and over

This is a slightly different call and response as the two CaRe arrangements are not clearly separated and the synthesized flute keeps playing it melody. However, the foreground call from the piano is a distinct melody that falls perfectly in line with our traditional definition. Nice camouflaging of the CaRe arrangement by Raja in this melodious prelude.

As we mentioned in the introduction, this is four polyphonic compositions arranged one after the other. The foreground melodies can stand on their own feet as simple CaRe arrangement. The background guitar melody makes them polyphonic and hence PolyCaRe.

Let’s hear the prelude melody Maatallo Cheppeleni  from Abbayitho Ammayi  …

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