Saturday, April 2, 2016

Other complex CaRe arrangements

In this section, we will review a few tracks where Raja has used 5 or more instruments in a C&R mode to create his interlude. As we have seen with the 4 instrument combination, it is hard to go look for symmetry in these arrangements. It is the C&R packing density that one has to look at with these arrangements. Technically, these C&R arrangements do not qualify to be part of symmetry analysis.

One such song is Meenamma Meenamma (Tamil 1989). Let’s analyze the way the 1st interlude of this song is orchestrated by Raja. Though not symmetrical, Raja uses six instruments and creates an interlude purely dotted with C&R arrangements.  It is structured this way:

Gu-Vi x2
Gu-Vi x2
Ve/Fl-Vi x2
Sy-Vi x2

In short form, the arrangement pattern can be said as 1+2+1+2+2+2. 

With the Sax and the Veena thrown into the mix, Raja manages this interlude with aplomb though the intent is not to get symmetrical. All these 10 C&Rs are managed within the usual 20 plus seconds with ease.  The Veena/Flute/Volins part throws the wrench in the works, apart from the last C&R that uses a Synthesizer as well. Had Raja continued the pattern from the first 4 C&R in a progression, this could be technically symmetrical. However, as I have repeatedly said, symmetry does not buy you much when it comes to a melodic arrangement in a fast paced world of film music. This interlude is packed with 10 C&Rs and creates a very melodic interlude keeping the pace of the main song intact. 

Let's hear Meenamma...

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