Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dual instrument (C&R) based perfect symmetry with bridge

This involves a number of call and response arrangements that have a symmetrical pattern and also includes a musical bridge.  With two instrument based C&R arrangements, I have not observed any symmetry around a bridge.  In other words, I have not come across a Raja composition that has a musical bridge in the center with perfectly symmetrical C&R arrangements on either sides of it.  In the previous post, there were two songs that had perfectly symmetrical but had a bridge at the end of the interlude. For the purposes of demonstration of a perfect symmetry with two instruments, we ignored the bridge at the end of the interlude.

  1. Melle Melle Vannu Chernu from Apaaratha (Malayalam 1991)
  2. Oli Tharum Sooriyanum from Vaalmiki (Tamil 2009)

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