Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tabla unusual conversations

While Raja has extensively used tabla in his rhythm arrangements, it is not so common to put the tabla in the C&R mode. We will present some top of mind examples of Raja’s C&R that involves the tabla.

  1. The first segment is from the song ‘Muthumani Sudare Vaa’ from the film Anbulla Rajnikanth (Tamil 1984). The call is from the flute and the response is from the tabla
  2. The second segment is from the song ‘Vanamella Shenbagapoo’ from the film Nadodi Paatukaran (Tamil 1992). There are 4 different calls from the flute and the tabla responds to the calls with rhythm. Nice arrangement.
  3. The third segment is from the famous song ‘Thakita Thathimi’ from the film Salangai Oli (Tamil 1983 or Sagara Sangamam –Telugu). The call is from the synthesizer and the response is an equally rapid one from the tabla.

Let’s hear the sample of Raja’s unusual tabla  conversations...


RK said...

What is C&R?

Rama Manoharan said...

RK...it is Call and Response

Anonymous said...

The last one is actually Jaltarang, I think.