Friday, March 2, 2012

Using chorus voices in a C&R arrangement – White and Purple Tulips

This requires two sets of voices. One set of voices sing a melody and the second set responds with another melody. This is not very common an arrangement with voices as it is with instruments. Sometimes, the call or the response is by the main voice and the second part is done by the chorus. Rarely, we have tracks where one set of chorus voices makes the call and another set responds.

Let’s start with tracks that have two sets of chorus voices in a C&R arrangement.

The song thamtha theemtha from Pagalil oru Iravu (1979) uses this technique very well. Raja uses two sets of female chorus voices and demonstrates how he can arrange it like he arranges instruments. This is a rare example of two sets of chorus voices used for a call and response arrangement. 

Let's hear Thamtha Theemtha...

The landmark song Eriyile Elantha Maram from Karayellam Shenbagapoo (Tamil 1981) has several choir innovations. Several parts of the choir in this song are arranged in a C&R fashion. Raja uses one set of voices for ‘Pee Pee Pee’ and another for ‘Dum Dum Dum’ in another pitch. More on this song in detail in another category.

Keladi Nemageega from Geetha (1980 Kannada) has the first interlude where the chorus arrangement is a C&R between the female and male voices in folk mode. Several parts of the second interlude are also arranged as a C&R between the male and female voices. At times, Raja uses one in Western and other gender in folk.

Megam Karukkaiyile from Vaidegi Kaathitunthaal (Tamil 1984) has the initial prelude arranged as a C&R between the male and female voices. 

Let’s now explore a few more tracks that have either the call or the response only by the chorus. The other part is arranged with instruments.

Kadhal Mayakkam from Pudhumai Penn (Tamil 1983). Brilliantly executed with chorus in the 80s. The second interlude is arranged very intelligently as a C&R between Jayachandran and the female chorus.

Unarumee Gaanam from Moonam Pakkam (Malayalam 1988). The first interlude uses the female chorus extensively. The second interlude uses the female chorus initially in a C&R with the flute and switches to a beautiful counter melody between two sets of female voices.

Let's hear Unarumee Gaanam...

Vandhadhe Kunkumum from Kizhakku Vaasal (Tamil 1990). Parts of the first interlude have some brilliant parts between the female chorus and the violins. The second interlude is a C&R arrangement between the female chorus and the flutes with violins backing both parts in full waltz.

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Suresh S said...

Wonderful examples. The call and response is an area he excels. So no surprise that there are some excellent examples.

Unaromee Ganam is probably one of the very touching songs he has tuned. You will feel it more when you see the movie. The sad version of this song is heart wrenching.